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In late 2003, our Program Director worked with the Kids Zone, a program of Neighbors For Kids, Inc. in Depoe Bay, Oregon, to apply to the IRIS Seismograph in School project to acquire an AS-1 seismograph. To their delight, the application was approved and they received their AS-1 seismograph in early 2004. Since then, the AS-1 has recorded hundreds of earthquakes from around the world, and delighted and inspired the children in the Kids Zone program.

Kids and the seismograph

In 2006, our Program Director dreamed of bringing a similar experience to all children and adults on the Oregon Coast. A second seismograph system was privately acquired at that time. We use this system as our "traveling seismograph" to show it to various civic groups and schools in the area.

Though Oregon shakes is not a 501(c)(3) orgranization, we encourage donors to sponsor the school of their choice by donating money directly to the school so that they can acquire their own seismograph. Oregon Shakes then acts as the facilitator and works with the school to help them acquire and install their own seismograph. Oregon Shakes continues to work with the school in maintaining the seismograph, providing training in its use and assisting the teachers in presenting a multitude of educational activities which are available for making the most of their seismograph.

The AS-1 seismograph if purchased separately costs $ 599.00. There are additional expenses including an appropriate computer, cabeling, and software which add another $600. For those schools who wish to put their seismograph online, there are internet access expenses as well.

If you are interested in acquiring a seismograph for your school, click HERE



Our Director, Kay Wyatt, is available to speak at your school, church, or civic organization to share more about the Oregon Shakes program. Click HERE if you wish to set up a speaking engagement with our Director.



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