Earthquakes that we have recorded!

Our monthly newsletter highlights the activity of the Oregon Shakes Program and provides information about the earthquakes that have been recorded by the seismographs in Oregon Schools.

Kids get excited about earthquakes recorded by their seismographsOur seismographs have recorded hundreds of earthquakes.

Watching a child’s face light up the first time that their seismograph records an earthquake is a hoot!  Wow, they say.  What causes an earthquake?  How does the seismograph work?  How do you tell how “big” the earthquake is?  How do you tell “where” the earthquake was?  How do they build buildings and bridges so that an earthquake won’t cause them to collapse? 

What a great opportunity to use the seismograph as a catalyst for learning the answers. Oregon Shakes can provide a multitude of classroom activities that are both fun and educational. The kids don't know that they are learning physics, electronics, math, statistics and architectural engineering ...they just know that they are having a great time!

Posted below are some of the more interesting earthquakes that have been recorded. But first, here is some helpful information for understanding earthquakes.

Oregon earthquakes:

US and Canada earthquakes:

Worldwide earthquakes:


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